Ovidiu Radu

Virtuality Expert

Ovi has 11 years experience in the Digital Industry and comes from a joint Business/Marketing & Information Technology background. Most of Ovi’s experience is in mobile app and web development, with recent achievements in the augmented reality field and artificial intelligence.

In recent years Ovi has focused on introducing the importance of virtual co-creative and social communities to the enterprise way of thinking, putting emphasis on the importance of virtuality for the future of customer engagement. Forward thinking and an innovative approach allowed Ovi to turn conventional digital infrastructures into modern, cost effective integrated services. Ovi has advised and worked with companies in Australia, Asia and Europe.

His Business/Marketing background helped him recognize the convergence of virtuality with modern PR and marketing, leading to a wider scope of integrated platforms and a more complete virtuality solution.

Ovi is a co-founder and CTO of OviDrive, a Mobility Operating System powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence).