Elaine Ma

Director of Story and Production

Elaine has over 25 years experience in the research and conceptualisation of stories for designs of recreational and hospitality resorts and projects in the US, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and United Arab Emirates.

The telling of stories through design, whether they are based in authenticity, romanticism or fantasy, enriches every guest experience, as illustrated in projects Elaine has been involved in such as Ikspiari, a mixed-use entertainment, dining and retail project located at the Maihama train station at Tokyo Disney Resort, the Royal Bali Resort at Universal Studios Florida, and the re-positioning and re-branding of the Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki, Kyushu, renowned as the birthplace of Japan.

Elaine has evolved the presentation of this engagement from the real world to the virtual world, working closely with communities to convert their unique and precious cultural assets into digital assets from which authentic, curated stories are derived, and brought to life with augmented reality. She is a graduate from the University of Western Australia with Bachelor degrees in Jurisprudence and Law.